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    • Rook + Rook + Queen complex - a delicious mate

      Dear friends Recently I played a 5 min blitz game against an individual with a higher rate than mine. The end of this game was too stormy and sophisticated while the result was interesting. Firstly I intended to share this game with you. Seco... | Read More

    • Unfair games (Wait & Watch like a Hunter!!!)

      Hi dear friends As my dear friend ItsEoin mentioned in one of the blogs, recently I encountered similar unfair events which some of the players do not keep up the game when his/her defeat is probable. Therefore, I have to wait for more then 8 min... | Read More

    • for Early Entrapement of the black Knight

            Hi my dear friends: I've encountered a special situation during my chess playing frequently. As you see here, it occurs particularly when I play white. I opened the game with e4 and was responded by e5. Black did not hit the 3.d4 pa... | Read More