Checkmate Patterns - Blackburne's Mate

Checkmate Patterns - Blackburne's Mate

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Blackburne’s Mate is a rare checkmate pattern that involves two bishops and a knight against a castled king. The pattern is named after Joseph Henry Blackburne, a British chess player who once demonstrated this checkmate in one of his games.

Joseph Henry Blackburne

The Blackburne mate looks like this:

This is the most common way this mate appears and can do so in a way such as in this game:

The other way this mate appears is like in the following game, more in line with what Blackburne did in the original game, the bishop are slightly different in this one but the name of this mating pattern is used for a few setups where two bishops and a knight co-operate in a very nice way.

Before trying to solve some puzzles I suggest to have a look at my video explaning this pattern further

Let's try our hand at this

Two more:

Beautiful co-ordination by the white pieces!

Lets flip the script just slightly

Here is a truly spectacular one, can you figure this one out?

Hope you enjoyed the video and the examples!

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