Dubov blows Ding Liren off the board in only 18 moves!

Dubov blows Ding Liren off the board in only 18 moves!

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The people's champion Daniil Dubov continued to impress with his creativity and fighting spirit on the final day of preliminiares at the Opera Euro Rapid. His enterprising play earned him a spot in the Quarterfinals at the end of the day as he beat out Hikaru Nakamura on tiebreaks because he had more wins....a direct result of his exciting and at times risky play!

Today Dubov had several interesting games, not least his game against Ding Liren. Before continuing lets talk a bit about Ding Liren!

Ding Liren
Ding Liren

Ding went undefeated in classical chess from August 2017 to November 2018. He won 100 games without losing and this was the highest such streak at Super-GM level until Magnus  Carlsen broke that record in 2019.

So...it's clear that Ding is no pushover and he is the current World #3 and was by many considered the favorite to challenge Magnus Carlsen for the World crown. Ding even managed wins against Magnus in tiebreaks.

Therefore the following game is even more stunning!

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