How to get the most out of the post-game engine analysis

How to get the most out of the post-game engine analysis

FM zibbit

Most of you should be aware of the excellent post-game engine analysis that is available on the platform. You will get a nice CAPS score, giving you a decent idea of the overall play you gave in the game. You will also be shown the blunders and mistakes you made and we all wait for that day when the darn engine will muster up a BRILLIANT move go give to us !!

Now, what you can do with these analysis is your choice! My advice is to USE the information given to you to try to improve! That is precisely what this user wanted to do with his online question:

His question was a typical one. He played the move 12.Bf4?? which the computer did not like! This kind of typical situation you MUST use to try to figure out your mistakes!

I made a pretty detailed video on this situation which will explain how you should use the information given to you to dissect the problems in your game!

As you can see in the video, the OP (original poster) got several pieces of advice. The problem was almost none of them tackled the real problem or explained why the tactical solution was the correct one.

As you can see, the OP got a LOT of advice. Like I said the problem was that almost none of it was good. Most used general advice that is often good but simply doesn't apply in this situation. Sometimes a fighting situation simply doesn't give you time to recall some fancy BJJ movement....sometimes the situation just calls for kicking somebody hard in the nuts. This case is of that type. White needs to play d4 because it's a brutal tactical solution.

And almost nobody identified the real problem! The real problem was the pin on the knight on f3. White needed to find ways to address that.

Here is the concrete situation explained:

Hope you enjoyed the post and remember to make the best out of your post-game analysis. You are your own best teacher (with a little bit of help form the engine!)

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