Kassa's Killer Knights
Kassa Korley on fire at the Xtracon Open in Denmark

Kassa's Killer Knights

FM zibbit

The fourth round of the Xtracon Open in Denmark featured a fantastic game by Danish/American IM Kassa Korley. He had the black pieces against super solid Ukranian GM Alexander Moiseenko. Moiseenko had a peak rating of 2726 in 2011 and is a very experienced and strong GM. With the game starting off as a Queen Gambit Declined one wouldn't exactly expect fireworks.....wrong!

One could say the game became interesting when Kassa went for an unusual knight maneuvre getting his b8 knight to e6 via a6-c7. The unusual part was sealed when that knight landed on g5! From there Moiseenko immediately invited trouble. Lets have a look at the game.....

Nice win! But wouldn't you know it, Kassa had already had a similar game earlier this year against another Grandmaster, Tanguy Ringoir from Belgium.
Ringoir got a better result than Moiseenko!

There was on more game in this line that I found where white went for 11.e5 there GM Jakob Meister  (IM at the time) did everything right until he captured with the wrong piece on g4.
Jakob Meister....a name destined for chess greatness!
Kassa playing some blitz
Kassa plays under the handle Kassablanca here on Chess.com. Check out his profile and I am sure you can find some interesting games! http://www.chess.com/member/kassablanca

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