Missing a big catch

FM zibbit
Jul 1, 2009, 7:44 AM |

One of my favourite tournaments is the European Club Cup. The tournament is usually in a nice venue in a sunny place and most of the top players in the world are gathered for this event. Also you get the chance to play against some great opponents and in this event I have played against grandmasters like: Victor Bologan, Sergei Ivanov, Valeri Filipov, Konstantin Landa along with a few more and some strong IM's. I've made my two biggest draws in this event, both against 2600+ GM's and also had some close one's like this one you are about to see. We played against this Russian Club in the first round and I made a pawn sacrifice in the opening and then I sacked a rook for an attack which could have been refuted but instead Sergei made an inaccurate move and in the present position I could have won nicely as pointed out after the game by his teammate the super strong Sergei Volkov.







There is always the next time right?