My new personal site

My new personal site

FM zibbit

Hello chess friends,

I would be glad to get your feedback. What would you like to see etc...

I have started working on my own personal Chess website, where I will write about chess and hopefully it will be better to navigate and find my YouTube videos ;-)

Site is:

I am still working on it and for instance I haven't decided how I will structure the home page/landing page.

In the menu you'll find directions to videos and I have already put plenty of them in but of course that will take a while since there are so many ;-)

I have a section dedicated to chess curiosities inspired by the Tim Krabbe page and I have written the first entry there:

 I also just added four game I analyzed from the World Rapid which you can find here:

In the Magnus-Potkin game and Vallejo-Fedoseev game I tested a feature where I enable download of the .pgn file which seems cool.

Other things I will be adding are book reviews and I also want to have a section where I answer questions, sort of a Chess Master FAQ. Some of them will be in video form and others in written form. I have yet to decide how best to employ that.

If you have some constructive criticism or requests, I am glad to listen. If you have only bad things to say, keep them to yourself and go watch an episode of Seinfeld and see if you can't crack a smile instead :-)

Thanks for your time.