The Grandmaster oversight of the century?

The Grandmaster oversight of the century?

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It was a truly incredible scene at the Icelandic Cup yesterday when Grandmaster Hannes Stefansson, a 13x Icelandic Champion and former World U-16 champion calmly played the move 16...g4??

The huge blunder
The horrible blunder 16..g4??

Quite shockingly his opponent, also a Grandmaster, Helgi Gretarsson who incidentally is also a former World Junior Champion, responded with 17.Nd2??

It's debatable which is more shocking, the blunder or the oversight but GM Gretarsson obviously missed a rather elementary tactic, in fact a mate in two moves!

I am sure you can figure it out

This pattern should be very familiar to most chess players and players who frequent tactics trainers. In fact I already made a pattern recognition video about this pattern ->

News these days travel fast and this has been making the rounds online....

Artur Kogan of Olalachess

IM Bjorn Thorfinnsson

GM Nigel Short

The "others"

This even prompted one of the longest most detailed online news articles on chess in recent times in Iceland! ( see here )

This moment will surely make the rounds even further online and is sure to show up in tactics books and as a tragecomedy moment in chess books of the future.

The game with analysis is available on my channel here:

Full game:

You can see if GM Gretarsson can recover today by watching's events page

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