I'm a chess.com member since October 2009 and supporting member since Jul 2011

Apr 9, 2018, 12:43 PM |

Teams and positions I was at:

Super Admin: Srbija Tim

                       Srbija HQ

                       Team Beograd

                       Тим Београд Админ Група

                       World Chess Players

                       Intercity Chess Tournaments


                       Srbija Tim - Youth Squad

                       Srbija Tim - Youth Squad Admin Tim


Admin:  Diversity is our Strength

             300 Spartans

             300 Spartans HQ

             Svetozar Gligoric Chess Club

             Eurasian League



Other groups member: Cheating Forum

                                       FIDE CLUB

                                       World League

                                       World League Headquarters

                                       World Cities League HQ

                                       Cities World Cup

                                       TEAM EUROPE

                                       TEAM MATCH CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUE

                                       European League 2009-2016

                                       European Cities League (ECL)

                                       King's Gambit Players

                                       Fan Clubs League

                                       Ћирилица / Кириллица / Кирилица / Кірыліца

                                       SRPSKA LIGA - SERBIAN LEAGUE

                                       Slavic League

                                       4 Player Chess

                                       Admins Corner & Training Center

                                            Межкомандный турнир "Свободная Лига"

                                            Live Chess World League

                                            European League

                                            Fan Clubs League

Due to a personal related reasons I'll gradually leave majority of admin positions I was at as well as membership in some teams.

Most of the time on the site was great joy that brought me some very interesting acquaintances and more than a few very good friends. Though I experienced some not so good moments as well, I’m not going to retain on them in that light alone, but rather as a life worth emotional assets I gained.

I’d like to thank to all of my friends and all the rest of you that I had a privilege to be in contact with, and I hope that in future not so far from now I’ll be able to hear from you again.

April 1, 2018.