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Slow LIVE Chess Week-End Tournaments at Chess.com: Time for a Chess Revolution

Slow LIVE Chess Week-End Tournaments at Chess.com: Time for a Chess Revolution

May 7, 2014, 12:07 PM 5

I have been wondering for some time about how to recreate an environnment similar to a slow 90|30 OTB week-end tournament on the internet. Of course, doing what we've been doing so far, that is, running slow LIVE tourneys with one game per week or one game every two weeks to be played, is not too bad. At least, this is slow 90|30 (or 45|45) LIVE chess, after all. This is close to slow OTB chess as long as one can recreate a surrounding that would be favourable to one's concentration span. 

However, playing one round per week or every two weeks is not to everyone's taste. That's ok for many of us, but for others, having to schedule a game in advance and actually play it seems to be complicated, if not out of reach. The high number of players who can't qualify to play regularly in those leagues, either because they can't negotiate the day and time for a game or simply show up for it is a clear indication of the snag that makes us lose tens of valuable slow LIVE players. This is something that I have been experimenting with for almost one year with DHLC and with my own group, the  Slow Live Chess Association

It's one of the members (Car0nte, an official TD in the USCF) in the SLCA who has hold my attention with an interesting(!) formula to recreate conditions similar to those of a slow OTB week-end tournament's: a slow LIVE 90|30 week-end event on Chess.com! Yeah...! How simple! All of sudden, everything has become crystal clear. What better than a week-end tournament to get all the advantages of a week-end tournament!? Thus, it's been decided that we will organize a 4 round slow LIVE 90|30 week-end tournament that will take place Saturday, May 31 (rounds 1 & 2) and Sunday, June 1 (rounds 3 & 4). This very first 90|30 LIVE week-end tournament at Chess.com will be specifically aimed at the Americas' time zone but any one can join and play. If the experience is conclusive, this formula might be spreaded in other time zones all over the world.

We may be about to be witness of a chess revolution at Chess.com. For those interested to know more about this or even sign up, feel free to join the Slow LIVE Chess Association by clicking our crest above. We will accept the late sign ups until two hours before round 1 begins.


Sylvain Courtemanche;

aka zugzwang67

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