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Fischer's Birthday's Thumbnail

Fischer's Birthday

GM alexcolovic Mar 9, 2017

I played one of my best games on Fischer's birthday. It was in Cannes in 2003 against one of the strongest French GMs, Christian Bauer. I wish I could play like that every day... http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/03/fischers-birthday/

Redmond wins 2017 WA HS Team Champs! (part 1/2)'s Thumbnail

Redmond wins 2017 WA HS Team Champs! (part 1/2)

NM Mr_Penings Mar 8, 2017

Anshul A (anshulcgm2) has already posted a summary and games report of the State Team Championships on his blog, which is pretty good and concise. I'm writing about my own games and experiences in more detail in form of a storyline and hopefully, ...

Victory against Woman Grandmaster Veronika Schneider's Thumbnail

Victory against Woman Grandmaster Veronika Schneider

IM attilaturzo Mar 8, 2017

  In the Hungarian team league, I won against woman grandmaster Veronika Schneider. She is a several times Hungarian champion and olympic team member. I started to prepare for the match a few days before the game and I could play with many dif...

Week 2 Playoff Predictions's Thumbnail

Week 2 Playoff Predictions

IM dpruess Mar 8, 2017

Eastern Division Gnomes v Dynamite This looks like a very dangerous match for the Gnomes today. The Dynamite team has more GMs than them. I'm going to pick the Gnomes by the slimmest of margins, 8.5-7.5 Budapest Gambit v. Gorky Stormbringers...

Garde Chess Clock for Sale's Thumbnail

Garde Chess Clock for Sale

SonofPearl Mar 8, 2017

If anyone would like to buy a beautiful chess clock, have a look at my Garde Mechanical Chess Clock which I'm selling on Ebay.  It's the type that was famously used in the 1993 World Chess Championship match between Garry Kasparov and Nigel S...

Games from the PRO Chess League's Thumbnail

Games from the PRO Chess League

GM alexcolovic Mar 8, 2017

As promised, I post a few games I played with white where I managed to use some of the ideas I had prepared long time ago but never got a chance to use. There're two against the Caro-Kann and one against the Breyer, so if you like them, go ah...

PRO Chess League Week 9 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 9 Predictions

TarjeiJS Mar 8, 2017

Eastern Division: Delhi Dynamite 7,5Norway Gnomes 8,5 Budapest Gambit 9,5Gorky Stormbringers 6,5 Central Division Marseille Migraines 9,5London Lions 6,5 Stockholm Snowballs 8,5London Towers 7,5 Atlantic Division: M...

PRO Chess League Week 9 Prediction's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 9 Prediction

IM RobertRis Mar 8, 2017

Delhi-Norway 7-9 Budapest-Gorky 9.5-6.5 Marseille-London Lions 10-6 Stockholm-London Towers 9-7 Montreal-Montclair 9.5-6.5 Buenos Aires-Miami 7-9 San Jose-Webster 7-9 STL-San Diego 9-7

Playoff Season! Round Number Dos!'s Thumbnail

Playoff Season! Round Number Dos!

shaun Mar 7, 2017

Oh yeah peoples!  As they say in Highlander 2 . . . wait, did anyone watch Highlander 2?  I'M SO SORRY!  You deserve better than that. And you know what's better than Highlander 2?  LITERALLY EVERYTHING--but especially better...

2017 PRO Chess League - Will Alex Survive Week 9?'s Thumbnail

2017 PRO Chess League - Will Alex Survive Week 9?

NM AlexanderKing Mar 7, 2017

Greetings, fellow PRO Chess League fans! Apologies for the shocking image, but I myself was quite shocked when I got into a massive car accident this morning! I was even more shocked to hear that I am still expected to defend my lead in the...

Winning ideas in the Ben-oni defense's Thumbnail

Winning ideas in the Ben-oni defense

IM attilaturzo Mar 7, 2017

  The Ben-oni is a sharp, tactical opening. If you want to improve your calculation skills then this opening will help you. The position is unbalanced from the beginning, so there is a good chance to win for both players.    You may want t...

Learn From Vishy Anand in March 2017 Prodigy Program's Thumbnail

Learn From Vishy Anand in March 2017 Prodigy Program

GeniusKJ Mar 6, 2017

Registration for the March 2017 month of the Prodigy Program is now open for our 900+, 1200+, 1500+, and 1750+ Elo sections. We are happy to announce that five-time world champion GM Vishy Anand will be teaching in our program this month! Pr...

Game against the Olympic Champion's Thumbnail

Game against the Olympic Champion

IM attilaturzo Mar 5, 2017

In the 5th round of the Hungarian First League our team played with Zalaegerszeg, a team from a small city. This team was hungarian champion several times in 2000 years. In the last years they became weaker, so our team prepared to give our bes...

Zebras's Thumbnail


GM alexcolovic Mar 5, 2017

The first post on my new blog. Enjoy it! http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/03/zebras/

Interesting bishops endgames: never give up!'s Thumbnail

Interesting bishops endgames: never give up!

GM LuckyTiger Mar 4, 2017

In the history of chess there were many cases, when resignation was premature. Kramnik-Svidler, Wijk-aan-Zee, 2004; Aronian-Bacrot, FIDE World Cup, 2005 are probably the most famous examples. In both of them the resigning side missed some defendin...

Slav defense in the National Championship's Thumbnail

Slav defense in the National Championship

IM attilaturzo Mar 3, 2017

I played this game 2 weeks ago on Sunday in the Hungarian National Team Championship. 10 teams with 12 boards play for the Hungarian Championship.  Our team won the second league 2 years ago and this is our 2nd year in the first league. We fight ...

Anand won against Karpov in Karpov's style's Thumbnail

Anand won against Karpov in Karpov's style

IM attilaturzo Mar 2, 2017

In this game Anand played in fine positional style. He improved the position of his pieces move by move and Karpov made a big mistake under the pressure. Karpov needed to exchange the attacking pieces earlier to be able to defense well...

Blog Back Online!'s Thumbnail

Blog Back Online!

GM alexcolovic Mar 2, 2017

I am happy to inform you that my blog is back online with a new design. I hope you like it and now it's time to go back to writing good-quality posts. You can check it out at the usual address at http://www.alexcolovic.com/


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