AngelaPlayzChess Friends And Peace

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17. feb 2023.
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DISCLAIMER: This club is not suitable for role-play and this is not a formal club! This club is also required to join if you need/want a club profile/profile/banner/YouTube thumbnail/blog cover/background and so much more! (They will all be made from Canva by the way). It is like a little membership for you to earn by simply joining this club. You do not have to if you do not want to.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read the PRIVATE CLUB DESCRIPTION and FOLLOW THE RULES if you are planning to join this club!


Hello friend/stranger/future member! You are invited to join my official (Not official in but official for me) club, "AngelaPlayzChess Friends And Peace"!


Who am I?     I am @AngelaPlayzChess and I am a YouTuber (Well... a not famous one yet).


If you are going or planning to accept this invite, thank you so much for joining this club!


What first when you join?      You may (you do not have to) subscribe to my channel, like and share/spread the news about this club and my YouTube channel!


What is this club about in short form?        This club is to make friends, have fun, chill, chat, socialize, have fun in club events, have a chance to be in one of my videos and so much more!



What will there be in this club? 


There will be:

- Official forums that I will be making (The letters/words/sentences will be in rainbow if the forum is an official forum)Other forums will most likely be someone's birthdays or something like that. (Most of them are in rainbow, others are something else, something more important).

- Announcements about special things such as:

    - Member goals [Example: "Congratulations to our club reaching *Insert number of members*]                  - Holidays [Example: Happy *Insert holiday*]                                                                                                - Date goals [Example: "Happy *Insert how long the club has existed* anniversary to our club!"]        

- Club rules (To prevent something bad and to prevent negativity like a chain reaction).

- Vote chess, daily matches, club events, tournaments, and so much more! (For fun of course! Even the competitiveness!).

- Exploration (If you are bored).

- Videos from other peoples YouTube channels! Yes, there are other people who are YouTubers in my club. 

- Buddy Meters! Polls! Well... Sometimes due to weird nicknames and cheating by clearing the browsing data and doing it all over again or doing it again on a different electronic device. (Most Buddy Meters and Polls will be posted in forums, club notes, messaging, etc...)

- LGBTQ +/religion/age/appearance/gender safety, as in no one on my watch will judge you by your sexuality, religion, age, appearance or/and gender!


So, make your choice, are you going to join?


Yes: Welcome to the club fellow member! Enjoy your stay!     No: Aww that is okay. Have a nice day then!


That is all for the public description! More updates await in the future! Have a nice day fellow friend/stranger!


(More new updates will be awaiting for this club if necessary in the future! See my profile description if you want to see my other social media! Goodbye!)