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8. jan 2022.
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Welcome to ~

The Shadow Ninjas!!

Here we can do many things:

1. Talk

 2. Play

3. Be active

 4. Respect one another

 5. Participate in events


1 join = 1 respect ✊ 


Here are our Rules for doing bad things:

1.  No bullying.
2. No calling people names.
3. Don’t swear
 4. Be kind.
5. If you have a problem, message me and I will talk to you about it.
 6. No spamming.
 7. Don’t remove people or demote them for no reason. If anyone does, they must have a reason and if they don’t, then I will demote them(members will be kicked out). If they continue doing it, I will kick them out.

Now here are the consequences if they do something bad:

Muted for 1 hour
Muted for 5 hours
Muted for 1 day
Banned for 1 week
Banned for 2 weeks
Kicked out and reported to

I hope none of these consequences happen to any of our fellow members but chess is a safe place to learn and this behaviour and/or attitude will not be accepted. Once again, it is for the safety for our members.


 If you want promotion, you must tell the owner {me}. For coordinators and admins, promotions can be made by participating in matches like vote chess or by inviting others and being active.

 We are Ninjas and we are the best. 


Creator : @LegionChess5