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  • Rabinovich, Ilya

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    Ilya Rabinovich (1891-1942) was the first Soviet master to be allowed to a major international chess tournament outside the USSR.  He played at Baden-Baden, Germany in 1925.  This tournament was won by Alekhine.  Rabinovich took 7th... Read More »

  • Radio match

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    The 1945 USA-USSR Radio Chess Match was the first international sports event since the outbreak of World War II.  It was also the first international chess match played by radio.  It marked the debut of the USSR in international sport.&n... Read More »

  • Ragozin, Viacheslav

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    Viacheslav Ragozin (1908-1962) was a Soviet grandmaster (1950).  In 1944 Ragozin trained with Botvinnik for the USSR Championship.  They trained with a radio going full blast in the room to get accustom to a possibly noisy tournament hal... Read More »

  • Random Chess

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    Same as normal Chess where the initial position changes. The pieces on the 1'st and 8'th row can be randomly placed. Read More »

  • Ranken, Charles Edward

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    Charles Edward Ranken (1828-1905) was born in Brislington, near Bristol, on January 5, 1828.  He learned chess as a schoolboy and became a strong player while attending Wadham College, Oxford.  He graduated from Oxford in 1850.  He ... Read More »

  • Ratings

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    The first organization to adopt a numerical rating system was the Correspondence Chess League of America in 1933.  The first USCF rating list appeared in the November 20, 1950 issue of Chess Life.  Ken Harkness rated 2,306 players from e... Read More »

  • Reshevsky, Samuel

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    Born Schmul Rzeszewski in Ozerkov, Poland, Sammy Reshevsky (1911-1992) came to the United States in 1920.  He learned chess at 4 and was giving exhibitions at 8.  As a 9-year old, his first American simultaneous exhibition was with ... Read More »

  • Reti Opening

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    The Reti Opening (1. Nf3 d5 2. c4) belongs to the Hypermodern School of Chess that dominated in the early 20th Century. The idea is to control the center rather than contest it by direct occupation with pawn moves such as d4 and e4. Because of its... Read More »

  • Reti, Richard

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    Richard Reti (1889-1929) was one of the founders of the hypermodern school of chess, along with Nimzovich, Tartakower, and Breyer.  He was born in Hungary and went to Vienna to study mathematics, but gave that up for chess.  Richard Reti... Read More »

  • Reubens, Emil

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    Emil Reubens was born in Russia on September 23, 1886.  He was a master emeritus and USCF life director.  He was a founding member of the United States Chess Federation.  In June, 1973, he received a Master’s degree in busines... Read More »