Chess for Book Nerds - CBN

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Dec 12, 2023
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Hi! This club is for book nerds to talk and fangirl/fanboy over their favorite books and for those who are or want to be a Christian!

Here are the rules.

1. No cursing in any way.

2. If an SA deletes your comment don't get mad; they know that we want this club to be friendly.

3. Do not ask for any kind of slot like SA. That is something to be given if I trust you.

4. You must be under 17 years of age, unless otherwise permitted.

5. You must be a Christian or want to learn to be one.

6. If you leave this club just to be rude you will be removed permanently.

7. Respect everyone here.

8. If you break rules knowingly then you will be removed.

9. If you are removed do not ask us to let you back in.

10. Have fun!