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Apr 11, 2024
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Welcome to ChessXtreme, your premier destination for exciting live chess and fun tournaments on! Join us and experience the thrill of competitive chess as you face off against players who could be as close as one inch away from you, or as far as one billion.

At ChessXtreme, we offer a vibrant and welcoming community where chess enthusiasts of all levels can come together to improve their skills, make new friends, and compete for glory. Whether you're an advanced player or just starting your chess journey, there's a place for you in our club.

Why you should join us:
1. Live Tournaments: Participate in regular live tournaments everyday with different time controls, ranging from blitz to bullet to different variants, and everything in between. Put your skills to the test against fellow club members!
3. Friendly Environment: Connect with like-minded players who share your passion for chess.
4. Prizes and Recognition: Compete for medals and recognition within the club. Celebrate your victories and milestones with us!

Join us today and embark on an exciting chess journey filled with challenges, learning, and fun. Whether you're looking to improve your game, meet fellow chess enthusiasts, or simply enjoy the thrill of competitive play, ChessXtreme is the place to be. Let's make every move count!