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Jul 3, 2023
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This club is devoted completely to story books. We post chapters from the books/novels itself! Yes you heard it correct, we are currently working on 3 books that include the famous novel Harry Potter and the 1st book is completed and 2nd is going on, and the other is one of the most nerve tickling books of all time IT is also a book we are working on and finally the well known book Oliver Twist is the 3rd one. We also encourage you to get ideas and start writing your own book. Our member @RabbitRover too has written his own short story "The Wind Whisperer's Apprentice". "Together we stand, Divided we fall". So let us make this club a platform in where all story book lovers are all in the same place- Reading, Writing, Discussing and Sharing. So Join Today with me and all other book lovers in this ride of genres combined. This club makes a part of the SuperWeb Network. So come and join this club where  thriller, drama, fiction, literature, fantasy, comedy, timepass, tragedy and many more come together with chess by clicking Here.