The King's Courtiers

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Oct 5, 2023
2 Events Played

Welcome to The King's Courtiers! We attend the chess king's every need! We will do chess events such as vote chess, daily matches, live matches, and even some tournaments. We strive for success and happiness in this club, and don't want anyone ruining that. So, here are our rules: 1.No bullying, toxicity, cussing, etc. We will absolutely not tolerate any of this, it will be an automatic mute if you break this rule. 2.No asking for admin This always happens in clubs, we will absolutely not tolerate this either. But, you will get 3 warnings. After the 3rd warning, you will be muted for 2 days. If you keep doing it, muted for longer. 3. No advertising clubs/blogs/other websites We will not tolerate any advertising, it gets very annoying. For this rule, you will get TWO warnings. Break both, muted like the other rules. Thats it! Enjoy your experience here!