The Queen's Court

Jan 27, 2023
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good morning to you too @sv3457 (it is 6.30pm for me)
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good morning everyone
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First Tournament

First Tournament

sv3457 | Mar 2, 2023
Hello everyone. members from The Queen's Court. We are going to have our First Tournament Tomorrow at 10:00 AM CST. This tournament is a 30 second Arena and there will be prizes for this tournament. Top 3 Players will get a Certificate and Medal, Top 5 Players will get Online Medals. Good Luck and Hope to see you all tomorrow
Game Analysis Links and Future Plans for the Club

Game Analysis Links and Future Plans for the Club

sv3457 | Mar 1, 2023
Hello everyone. Make sure to post your best games and some of your losses as well in the comments. I can analyze your games and also help you with where you struggling. Also for players rated above 2000, there are other titled players that are there to review your game as well and I can submit your games to them. Once we reach around 200 members. There will be tournaments with prizes, streams, and game analysis and this will all be for free. Good luck and you are all amazing.