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May 7, 2023
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Hello! 🤗

We've recently established a new club called the Union of Chess Masters, and we'd love for you to become a part of our growing community! Your reputation as a kind, nice, and skilled chess player has caught our attention, and we believe your presence would be a valuable addition to our club! 😇

Every member holds a special place in our hearts, and we're committed to creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for all. 😄 Our club offers a variety of exciting features, including numerous tournaments that promise both fun and the chance to earn medals and possibly membership on special occasions! 💎

Over the past months since our club was formed, we've already welcomed over 1,900 members (with a goal of reaching 2,000) and hosted a plethora of engaging events such as Tournaments, Vote Chess, and Team Matches where we can get up to 100 people joining without reminding them. 🥳 Additionally, we regularly hold admin giveaways, providing our members with even more reasons to join the fun.

If this piques your interest, we invite you to click on the following link: Union Of Chess Masters and hit that 'Join' button!

Looking forward to having you on board!

Written by: @Scemer (Co-Owner)

Owner: @William1109

We also allow advertising as long as you ask our club owner @William1109 for that! 

We also have many titled players, moderators, streamers, and top gifters that have already joined too! So far we have united 9 National Masters, @doublesik, @HighPlain, @SlimNico, @ATM622, @CedrHask, @aglipay8oberio, @Blitz, @Scott-fox21 ,@Romkachess,  and @DraningWaterHi. We have 7 FIDE Masters, such as @rychessmaster1, @TanitoluwaAps116, @mmDarko, @ENEASZ, @chuddog, @spaski2004, and @Magila31, we have have some Candidate Masters, like @EsooQ, @Witty_Alien, @Mistmastex, @Oreonly, @dinosaurio_1975, and @Chesstar, and last but not least, some International Masters on the verge to getting the highest level in chess, Grandmaster @Witaliss, @MrChampion_Coach and a Woman International Master  @Vitachess79

We have Top Gifter @dadoom who was Top gifter #48, @PianoJames a mod, and some Chess.com community streamers such as @Scemer, @Kayden_Potter, and @Chesstar

What's special about this club? 

  • We host many tournaments
  • We have Vote Chess
  • We have Team Matches
  • We have many giveaways every week(sometimes ownership giftaways)
  • We have fun conversations, forums, and announcements
  • We have a nice, relaxing and growing community



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Thank you! And help us get to 1900 members!



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