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Jan 9, 2023
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🙋‍♂️Hello @,

Our dear Club is currently participating in the "TCMAC PHOENIX 2023" & "Vote Chess League 2023" & We also participate in many Activities & Arenas offered by the Clubs "Club-Wars" & "City Revolution" & "BLITZ WORLD LEAGUE BWL" & "UCN Community" &  & "FREE WORLD LEAGUE FWL" large Event Organizers .!

🌞We organize many 🏆Tournaments & 🏅Arenas every month, as well as many 🗳️Vote Chess & ⚔️Delayed Matches every day ..!!


💫We inspire & prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to our Club Members ...
So we will be very happy if you want to join our amazing Global Team ...!!!


🙏 If you cross the doors of this WORLD CLUB🌐, you will then be part of our Big Chess Family & long list of Friends around the WORLD & this despite our Differences in Languages ​​of Religions of Politics or Cultures ect .!


🌟 Here we Share above all our Great Passion for Chess  & we Cultivate Difference my Brothers but not Indifférrence & we are Proud of it ..!!


🌠 We are a Club very recently created under the World Banner🌐, in order to bring together a Maximum of Active Players playhand from all over the World from Intermediate (+1000 elo)🎓 to Grand Master👑 level ...!!

💥Our Club through its Members is very Active (+100%), very pleasant, very supportive..., with more than +690 Members already in 5 month of existence & a very good average club level with +1320 average elo ...!!!

🌞In order to continue in this direction...

We need very Good Players of your level 👑💎🌟.!

🙏Here is the Link to join the Club :

👉          ~WORLD-CHESS-TEAM~


Mandatory Conditions :

1. Have a minimum of 1000 elo (rank) in deferred or/and normal chess, blitz, bullet, 960.

2. Have an existing account for more than 2 months on the site, in order to partially avoid Trolls.

3. Be active a minimum & connected so as to be able to play Matches deferred over 2 or 3 days.

For info, our Club is open, but we check

& then welcome our new members daily .!

                              Good games to you,

⚜️At the game of Kings , Kings of games⚜️

🍁Looking forward to compt you soon with us... 🍀

Sincerely, 😉