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Jun 9, 2020
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This is the official invitation for Your Worst Knightmare, a club featuring hundreds of original, educational chess articles (and some just for fun), as well as hundreds of special puzzles, riddles, games, raffles, matches, and club competitions aimed to improve the creativity and power of every type of chess player! There are countless opportunities to win rare prizes! trophies.png

Each handwritten article in this club is part of a larger series! There are over 15 original, effective, comprehensive, and well-written series and many, many more to come, each covering an important aspect of chess!

Your Worst Knightmare has a diverse, active community that appreciates the beauty of chess and treats all chess members with decency and respect! There is space in this club for everyone!

Do you like mathematics? We have many articles devoted specifically to math + chess!

Are you a tactician? "Tactics in Depth" is read by over one hundred members of our community and is by far the most popular series in our club! There is so much to choose from!

All of these exclusive series, tournaments, and good times are instantly accessible with the click of a button! Come check it out by joining now!


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About the founder: @25GSchatz22 has been an active member in the community for over a year and is well-known for his experience in running clubs of over 100 members, as well as helping to start up many small clubs. His popular chess articles are known for being quick and easy to read and extremely effective in advancing chess players to the next stage of the game. His main project, Your Worst Knightmare, is the culmination of @25GSchatz22's vision for chess for all. Feel free to reach out!