[4PC Variant]: Capture the king


"Capture the King" means the only way to checkmate a player is to capture his king. In return, Kings must not respond to checks, they are not restriced in any way. Similarly no pieces are ever pinned. Checks are still highlighted on the board and with sound, as it is usually advisable to get out of check to avoid getting your king captured. But you have other options and you might choose to take someone elses king instead of moving yours, for example. Or you might have premoved wink.png


so being considering to replace  current system!?


No it's just another gamemode


that y i m asking. these should be not just variant because capture the king much accurate then current checkmate system still do not get what i m talking about check these out


> so being considering to replace  current system!?

Please read 4PC Variants List and A new way to join games 

We created many 4PC Variants for Custom Games. The main variants (standard/plain/orthodox 4PC FFA and Teams) will stay the same for now. But we will look what custom variants are popular, and in future the main variant may be updated accordingly, or some popular custom variant may become an additional standard one. Will see what does our community like to play.


keep them all please


Why is the square not highlighted but the sound still there? Just to let people to turn up their volume while playing capture the king?