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Coach FAQs

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Coach FAQs

Do I have to be a premium member to market coaching services at Who can be listed as a Coach?

As always, creating a basic coach profile is completely free; no premium membership is required. Your location information will make it easy for members in your area to find you in our directory. (If you would like us to list you as a titled player, please visit this page to help us verify your status.) Premium coaching features are available if you wish to offer online lessons here at Please see below.

Does provide a virtual classroom I can use to give lessons online?

Yes! Our Live Chess system – and specifically our Live Analysis Boards – offer a robust tool-kit for online chess instruction. You can create an analysis board in seconds, then set it up either manually or by quickly pasting in PGN or FEN. You can invite one student or as many as you like. Everyone sees the same board, which updates dynamically under your control. Move the pieces around as you wish. Illustrate your ideas by drawing graphical arrows on the board or highlighting key squares.

How do I interact with my students?

The whole system is highly interactive! During a lesson, you can chat with your student(s) with a built-in instant-messaging or voice chat! You can also turn control of the teaching board over to a chosen student at will.


You manage your students via your “Friends” list.This allows you to find your students quickly in Live Chess. Fortunately, it also means that you can use other features to interact with your students between lessons.


For instance, private Groups offer a great way to create one or more student “communities”: at once, you can broadcast messages to your students (regarding schedule changes, etc.) and keep everyone on the same page. Likewise you can share bonus exercises, interesting articles or other enriching content on the Group’s home-page – whatever you like! Your students will also appreciate making new connections in the group – finding new sparring partners to practice with after class!

How do the Live Analysis Boards work?

You can quickly configure the board by pasting in PGN or FEN, and you may of course move the pieces freely throughout the lesson. To help students visualize key concepts, we have also provided an easy way to highlight squares and draw arrows on the board. It’s as easy as clicking and dragging.


For more detail on using our Analysis Boards, please check out this article, or watch this 10-minute video tutorial:


Student FAQs

Do I have to be a premium member to find a coach, or to take lessons?

Anybody can use’s directory to find an active coach who lives & works close to you. However, if you wish to participate as a student in a coach’s online lessons, you will need to be a Platinum or Diamond member to access the premium version of Live Chess and to interact with the live Analysis/Teaching boards there. Learn more about memberships.

Does guarantee the services of Coaches in the directory?

In a word, no. assumes no responsibility for the quality of instruction - or for undelivered services. We are simply providing two things: 1. An easy way for Coaches and improvers to find each other, and 2. a powerful platform for online chess instruction. However, if you have paid for services that have not been provided, or feel that the service has been unprofessional or of poor quality, please get in touch with us immediately..

What's the best way to find a coach who will really help me?

Shop around and shop smart. Read the Coach profiles carefully and consider your current skill level, as well as what you are hoping to get out of the process. Check out what other people are saying. Start small with a trial lesson. After just an hour or two with a coach, you’ll be able to judge whether you want to continue or find someone new.