Win Diamond - Platinum and Gold Membership Here

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The "Win Diamond - Platinum and Gold Membership Here"club is in desperate need for a member of your Rapid rating who needs membership!

You'd take the place of an inactive member and be granted the chance to play for The #1 TopGifter team!

Please aplay to join if you are interested.

The sooner the better.

Thank you a LOT!

hi all and hi all my Good Friends & hi to all new teammates who want to join this new club of #1 TopGifter:

"Win Diamond - Platinum and Gold Memberhip Here" is a fresh topgifter club of the Top Gifter on

"Win Diamond - Platinum and Gold Memberhip Here" Cheers. It's a pleasure too be your new team mate if you join us here. Hope everything is great for you all! I hope to see you all have a good time here in this Gifted tournament club and Keep up the great chess study work & puzzles and all your VC games. I wish you all good games ahead, You are all the ultimate Chess

L❤️VERS and a good friend to have, Have a wonderful day 🎶 cool music 🎧 and Best of lucks with your Tuesdays pizza or well fried parrot with shipps 😉

¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ @Hilddea


If you get this message: "club request is denied" then there is a reason below:

you have joined an unwanted clubs, there are clubs we do not want anything to do with, neither the clubs nor members of those clubs. A ban of 12 months has been imposed on some clubs for unwanted club advertising / posting of join links, or due to large amounts of spam invites. We try desperately and avoid all types of unwanted club advertising from all clubs in my 14 Gifted clubs and therefore we have gone to ban members who sympathize or support or are members of those type of clubs for and prevent a possible future new attempt at new unwanted club advertises within chat / notes or in our forums. Now the registration starts, for 14 different gifted tournaments and plenty of club events so we have to be strict and we try desperately and avoid new unwanted members from clubs that do not respect our club rules against unwanted club advertising and that conduct large-scale club advertising and join links invite to their clubs, because we have 0 tolerance for such nonsense.

Regards from the club owner and the # 1 TopGifter

Giving away budget is off limits and it will be fun event as in other well-known clubs of mine and + a little extra


Weekly tourneys


Jokes, Riddles, And more!

We have rules to

No advertising

No spamming

No demoting/promoting without permission

No asking for SA, admin, and coord

If you break a rule, there is a chance to get muted

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Let's all play fair and square my chess friends and Members grin.png

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