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Mar 22, 2020
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Hello, I've posted on the facebook group as well. Would anyone be interested in getting some USCF-rated chess going in Lincoln? Currently I have been going to the 3 clubs listed on but we don't have anything in terms of rated play (and 2 of the clubs listed say that you have to be members of their organization to be an officer), but I applied to be a club TD and would be interested in getting some rated stuff going if there was a club/venue interested in it.
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This is Sunday and the Millard chess club meets today 2-430 at the Millard library. I will not be there and have made arrangements for the room to be opened. Feel free to go to the information librarian and tell them you are with chess if the room has not been opened.
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Not today, but Millard tomorrow, where I've often played the Blundertaker role myself. Quite well, I'd say.
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What clubs are meeting tomorrow?
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This weekend (February 4th) Horizon Middle School in Kearney is hosting a non uscf tournament for grades 3-8.
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