I'm Back with an Apology

xor_eax_eax05 wrote:

 Lol garbage cheater I hope they ban this account too.


 I knew you where not legit, ever since you flamed me in that thread where I claimed I was 1800 in Daily and you just called my games made up. It's very obvious you had no skill whatsoever to even remotely judge me, since legit players who are 2000 elo strength would clearly know some people are just bad at fast chess and much better at slower time controls. 


Now we know how you defeated that almost-2700 FIDE GM in the game you had on display in your profile.


Wtf,, are you going to let this guy get away with it? Come to the forums and even show us his previous account was banned a few days ago and he's back like nothing? 

chill out, everbody's points are refunded. also btw just keep the trash talk to yourself, he learned from his mistake and wont do it again.

abcFearey wrote:

If someone robbed your family, would you welcome him/her back into your house for a second chance? I don't think most people would.

It's differnt bro. i think gold and diamonds are more valuable than chess rating points you would get back in a week. i get your point but everybody's points are refunded, which is like giving back what the robber stole. and im pretty sure he wont repeat it

ninjaswat wrote:
Mr-Mudd wrote:

I'm not going to let you off so easy if you fall off the wagon and decide to cheat again.  


speechless be like


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