Any good books about playing against computers?


Hi fellows! I've been looking for good chess books about how to play good against computers and I've found none but "Play winning chess against computers: Anti-computer chess openings, strategy and tactics" by Eric Dana, so my question is: Is this book a good one? And are there any other good books on the subject?


The hippopotamus. Hikaru played that




GM Keene wrote How to Beat Your Chess Computer. Probably very dated now.


Wolff's The Idiot's Guide to Chess includes a chapter on how to beat the computer. But the book is some years old now (3rd edition, 2005) and computer chess has made huge strides in the meantime. It's been a while since I read the chapter, but even back then I don't recall that GM Wolff was beating the computer easily. 


Have a look at this thread:

It's worth a read if only for all the insults being thrown around.

But whatever you think about the OP, he has put lot of effort into playing against engines, and his book may be relevant to you, although I think it's quite advanced.


WOW! Thanks fellows, I didn't think that anyone would care about this thread after 2 years.

You can contact the author of The Secrets of Chess, you will find his thread on Chess Books & Equipment. He has a lot of experience playing strong engines. He is very controversial but very helpful. Good luck.
Thanks torrubirubi!