DGT Chess Computer


Love how everyone (except me, now) continues to ignore sound67 and his search hints 😂🤣😄


I’ve had the Centaur for four months now. Build quality is excellent, pieces are fine (but there is a quick method for upgrading a wooden set for use with the board), and the engine is solid. If you’re a solid chess player, you’ll win more than you lose on friendly, but you’ll still have to work for it. Challenging will beat you most of the time. It forces you to play well to have a chance to win. Expert mode, forget about it. Just plan to learn from your mistakes. And that my friend, is what makes this a wonderful purchase. It will help you improve.


how is yours for move times?  Ive seen some reviews and players here saying the computer moves almost instantly, but others and a few videos show some fairly slow times.  not that its a bad thing per se, just curious


If you are playing a timed game, it moves appropriately based on how much time it has. Meaning on a long game, it will take more time on it’s move when it has 30 minutes left. As the time winds down, just like we would, it starts moving more quickly. If you play an untimed game, it moves instantly.