Handheld electronic chess set


Can anyone recommend a hand held electronic chess set?  Something like the Mephisto Maestro travel set, which doesnt use pieces for example.  I do not have an iphone or anything else electronic, if that ends up being the way to go (ie buy a ipod touch and download a chess program for example).  So i am not tied into anything.

What do you recommend?


Can you clarify -- do you mean that you don't want to buy an iPod touch, or that, since you're not tied to a phone/iPod, you wouldn't mind buying one.

My recommendation would be to find an older touch(local, not ebay) and put shredder + chess.com on it.


What Call_me_Ishmael said.  You'll end up with a much stronger engine for playing and analysis, and a whole lot of flexibility, especially with the combination of those two apps.


Of course, any Android device is also fine.


Thanks for the replies. 

Yes, i meant that since i do not own an ipod touch, or any other similar kind of thing, i can consider buying any format without worrying about doubling up or format.  I am interested in what kind of formats (touch, gameboys, ds, or speacilist chess gadget like Mephisto travel) are available and what people recommend (or dont recommend).


Is/has anyone used an ipod touch, and played on chess.com?  I could see that combo working for me, if the chessboard on the screen isnt too small.


I like my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab very much. If you find smartphone screens to small to play chess conveniently, this might be the way to go. Added value: it's also the perfect size to be used as an ebook reader. And it still fits in a pocket. And, and, and ...

IMHO 7 inch is the size where devices really start to become usable.