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iPad app with saved games over cloud

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    I run a scholastic chess club and use Shredder to set up problems and exercises to show on a projector. I save these exercises/problems so they can be used in subsequent years. However, I also want to do the same thing on three other iPads as the club has gotten much bigger. What I am looking for is a chess program in which I can save a game/problem, and be able to access it from the other iPads. In other words, I'm looking for something in which saved games can be in a cloud environment so I can use them on other iPads. Shredder does not seem to allow me to do that. anyone know of a way to make shredder do that, or is there another program I can use so I can, for example, set up my three – move Discovered Check problem on one iPad, and then have it available for use on another iPad?

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    I don't own this app myself but according to the description in the app store, tChess Pro has this feature. There is also a free version to try out.

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    The help files in tChess Pro mention three ways to import PGN files: iTunes file sharing (many apps support this), downloading via URL (doesn't work when files are compressed or zipped), and email attachments.

    I've used all three.

    I use Dropbox for syncing files across several devices. While this cloud resource works great for PDFs, it does not seem to work with PGNs on the iPad. 

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