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Is It Time?

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    It seems that all things in this universe has a life cycle.  There is the beginning, the existence and the end.  This applies to all things whether living or not.

    Some things have a longer existence than others, but all things inevitably end.

    I first came to this forum in November of 2014, almost 3 years ago.  At the time this place was vibrant and had a lot of things like chess sets being introduced.  Just after I came the Dubrovnik era took hold where we were discussing the Noj, Chess Bazaar and House of Staunton Dubrovnik designs.  Things continued.

    In the last almost 3 years we have seen a lot of designs that many of us were not aware of.  This included the various Soviet style sets, the Romanian sets, the Spanish sets, the Argentinian sets and numerous others.

    When I first started coming here, I owned 6 wood sets, one Noj Dubrovnik and a number of HoS sets.

    Now I own well over 30 wood sets, thanks in large part to the venerable people that posted here with pictures of sets they acquired.

    While there might be 2 - 5 sets that I still might want, I am not in any desperation to get them immediately.  And I know what these sets are and if they can be had, I know where to get them.

    Recently we have had a number of very negative postings on this forum.  These posts and threads have amounted to being nothing more than trolling with insults, attacks and other flaming of people.  Yes, the quality of posts has deteriorated quite a bit.

    Another very regular poster here today posted that he is not frequenting this place much at all because of these true trolls.  Instead he has found calmer waters to sail his ship of Chess set admiration.  I went to one of these bodies of water and I agree with him.

    So, is this the end of the value and quality of this forum?  I don't know.  What do you all think?



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    I haven't been on these forums for long at all but I would say this body of water is definitely troll infested, more so than any forum I've ever seen in my life.

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    What is the link to the other chess set forum?  Thanks.

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    And I think it is a real shame.  There has been a lot of great stuff on all the Jaques designs over the years, for instance.  Then the other companies like the British one.

    I still want Ronbo to find me one of those great Chavet sets that took him many years to find for himself.  Of course I have no great expectations on that, but hope springs eternal.

    If we could just lose the trolls, things would get a lot better.  And there are only 3 or 5 of them at most.

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    I will underscore what Eyechess has stated quite well. When I stumbled on to this forum a couple of years ago, I had one set. One. But being a member here has cultivated my interest in this field and it has become a very satisfying part of my life. I have collected a few sets though I have no one at home to play with. I have formed friendships in a community that exist only online. My interest in chess - which waned a while ago and which I thought would never return - has blossomed once more and has become an inextricable part of my life. But this forum has soured and no longer adds to my pleasure in the collection of chess equipment and books. For that, I guess I need to go somewhere else. If you, too, are interested but do not know how to get there, pm me and I will help you. 

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    Hmmm. I think I also sail in those Fair Blue waters from time to time. Though since I'm new here, I'm still enjoying the wealth of information the more productive members have shared. Currently back reading and am at page 130 ...


    Ordered a 4 piece tower series hardwood board from Colorado Woodworker, who I learned about in this forum. Got a bridle knight set and a Reykjavik after I grew to appreciate the more intricately carved knights and good woods from pictures posted in this forum. Heard about and bought a silicone board (rare in my country). Lots of great stuff here and I really do appreciate it.


    As for the trolls ... meh, it's fun to read the burns.

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    The trolls suck but it would be a shame to see this place die out. It just seems so bizarre that someone would have so little to do that they would take enjoyment from trolling such an uncontroversial and obscure group. So pointless. Not sure what can be done, though, other than refusing to engage with the trolls.

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     I agree with everyone who posted about the quality going down and having to put up with nonsense. I can only do so much but all your concerns have been passed on to the higher ups and we shall see what happens.  I see the Ugly Russian Set thread has got out of hand very quickly.  

    This forum was always the best of them all since it pertained to historical chess sets as well as who is making reproductions, and also the latest chess equipment.  Always looked forward to reading this forum and checking back a couple times a day.  I hope it gets back to normal soon.  We still have to discuss the 1904 Cambridge Set and see if someone wants to make it!!

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    Hi Ron,

    I haven't posted anything for some time to the threads I started or to this group.  I've been saying to the Chess.com staff and anyone who will listen that this should be a subscription only site.  If it where, the schmucks (you can call them trolls, I call them schmucks) who like to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings and snipe for enjoyment would virtually disappear.  So long as they can remain anonymous and don't have to pay, this is what you'll get.

    Just my two cents worth.


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    wiscmike wrote:

    We still have to discuss the 1904 Cambridge Set and see if someone wants to make it!!

    Hey, wiscmike, this is the kind of thing that keeps me coming back!

    How can one's interest not be piqued?



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    Eyechess, I do not know if you remember but a little over a year ago I sent you a private message asking about the HoS Players series. You took the time to respond to a brand new member's message with the information I asked for and more. I have been an almost daily lurker in the equipment forums ever since.


    It is because of people like you, wismike, cgrau, cghori, goodknightmike, rcmacmillan and so many others taking the time to post beautiful pictures along with chess set/equipment/book reviews I have become interested in chess collecting. 


    I now own 6 total sets from HoS, Chessbazzar and Wholesale Chess. I hope not in the too far off future to add an Official Stauton Luechars set when the budget (and most importanly wife) allow. Without you gentlemen, I would never have found other vendors like G Butterman boards, Colorado Woodworker GM4U's Official Staunton, or Shelby's amchesseq with the Ultimate chess set.


    Just wanted to say for every troll, there are people here who appreciate what our chess collector community does on the forums.  So thank you for all the time and effort you, with the rest of our avid collectors do for these forums.

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    It's a very cool set but wow the tournament, one of the best of all time. Frank Marshall had the tournament of his life, probably his best one ever. I only wish Pillsbury wasn't so sick as this was his last tournament.  Considering it takes place in Pennsylvania and many of the European top players were there was a miracle in itself.  Those pictures you posted are about the same set I like to see get duplicated. I have seen some variations but those look excellent. Key pieces in this set, my opinion, Q/K/R  whoever makes the set can not mess up those pieces. 

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    Velther wrote: 

    It is because of people like you, wismike, cgrau, cghori, goodknightmike, rcmacmillan...I have become interested in chess collecting. 

    The pillars of this forum. My teachers, all.

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    @Eyechess, when I see a comment made by some people (we all know Who they are), just skip the thread or go to the next one. If all we do this, they will leave the forum sonner ir later. They just try to be annoying, so lets ignore them :)

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    I think most of us share the sentiment of Velther in stating that if it were not for those he mentions we would all be poorer is our chess collections (but MUCH richer in our wallets!). I have also become interested in not only chess collecting but the history of the sets and the people who have used them.

    When I started lurking here I owned 2 measly wooden sets, and 2 boards. I now own a total of 11 wooden sets and 10 boards. I have even purchased a used set off of ebay that I most likely would never have even looked at were it not for this sub-forum. When I show this set to others they think it is a very cool piece of history. 

    My recent set from OS was purchased due in large part to the people here and this may be my most stunning set. 

    I am playing my games currently with a set bought on the recommendations here, and while it does not improve my game (oh Lord, will my game EVER improve???) I thoroughly enjoy playing games with it. It brings pleasure just using it. 

    I llike @Fer8799's suggestion to just ignore them. 

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    supanuth wrote:
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    Did this kid fall asleep with his face on the keyboard?

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    UpcountryRain написал: 

    The pillars of this forum. My teachers, all.

    Guru in Soviet sets, 5 years ago he made a video 


    A lot of material to follow in a given direction, for many years in the future. 

     It isn't time. 

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    zhaboed wrote:
    UpcountryRain написал: 

    The pillars of this forum. My teachers, all.

    Guru in Soviet sets, 5 years ago he made a video 


    A lot of material to follow in a given direction, for many years in the future. 

     It isn't time. 

    WOW! Great video. Some stunning stuff there. Many thanks for sharing that.

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    Bah, just ignore the trolls, do not bother to read their topics, and never ever reply to their posts! Otherwise feel free to create a "club", they have forums too, and invite all the usual suspects, and within its "aquarium" the waters will indeed be calm. The downside is of course that you lose all the positive aspects of a public forum (like new people finding their way to the hobby of collecting, and all the lurkers who are genuinly interested but do not want to post much).


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