New Custom Board: Maple, Purple Heart, Foldable

KineticPawn wrote:

MCH818 you're a veteran and should know better than to tease us like that without posting pictures. 

Haha! I was just lazy. Here are the photos I have. Here is a little background on this box. There is a wood worker out in Florida that goes by ParillaWorks. I cannot remember his name. I think it is John but he made a video of a walnut box he made. Here it is I found him on Etsy and asked him how much. His price was more than I wanted to pay so I just waited to find another wood worker. One day someone commented on this old thread. I saw the board Zach made and loved it. I found Zach on Etsy. I sent him some photos of the box and the dimensions I wanted. I asked him how much. He gave a more reasonable price than John so I asked Zach to make it for me. Everything Zach did was great. The only things I don't love are my fault. I did not double-check the size I gave to Zach so the box is a little too small. Also, I think the lid should be a little taller. Also maybe the sides could be thinner as well. All in all I am very happy with it. The box was more expensive than the set sitting in it but I wanted box. I could not help it.



Thanks MCH818 very nice box. I think having the thick sides was a missed opportunity for putting in a finger ledge. It's one of my little pet peeves with some of these heavier chess boxes. Taking these boxes off and back on my shelves would be much easier with that.  Especially the  HoS Coffer.  I'm trying to do what you did and have a woodworker custom make me a storage box and a floating shelf for the board. Already ordered a board from a local guy and waiting to see how that turns out before going for the other stuff with him.   


Thanks @KineticPawn! I know what you mean about picking up heavy boxes. My HoS Superior box with the Fischer Spassky set is pretty heavy and it is difficult to pick up the box. When you say finger ledge do you mean holes in the sides or cutout in the side and bottom? What I did was ask Zach to make the bottom just like the top so the bottom of the sides are raised up a bit. That along with some round foam stickers I placed on the bottom of the box help with the issue. So far I have no trouble picking up the box. Post some photos of the custom board when you get that done. If you are not happy the local guy, Zach is a good one.


@MCH818 I'm not sure if I used the right term. But this is the best picture that illustrates the general idea that can be implemented with a thicker sides like in your box. 

Not so deep just enough to be able to lift without having to dig underneath it. 


@KineticPawn I understand now. That's an interesting idea. I never really thought about having a "slot" to place my fingers but it certainly would be easier to lift the box. I wanted the box in the ParillaWorks video so I am not sure I would have added this feature to the box Zach made for me. I would however consider doing this for my next box. The only thing I wonder about is if it would look good. I have seen a chess board with storage underneath it that has this feature and it looks good. I have not seen any chess boxes or coffers with it though. If you are are you going to make your box with this feature then please post some photos. I would love to see it.


Hey all, it's been a while since I logged into my account. I've used and loved this board since my original post. @AaronV96 no, the purple heart hasn't bled into the maple (image attached, taken this morning). I believe Zach finished/sealed the wood, and I've just used occasionally his board wax (which I think is just beeswax) to maintain it. I know purple heart can sometimes turn brown over time, but mine has changed very little. That said, if I were to do this again, I would probably choose walnut for the dark wood, to hedge against potential color change.

@ogbumblingpatzer @Pawnerai the price was around $250 shipped, if I remember correctly, but Zach's prices may have changed. Yes, it was custom, I requested the wood (maple/purple heart), the square size, the maple inlay around the edge, the hidden hinges, and the white/black circular markers. He has posted two other boards on his Instagram (one fairly recently) 

@Pawnerai the magnets are an interesting idea, I'm sure he'd be open to it. That said the board is generally out or folded in storage inside a pillowcase (also it's pretty heavy), can't say keeping it closed has been an issue.