Noj - BCE or Dubrovnik II


Good luck and post photos when you get it.


@MCH818 - That's a great photo of staining from Noj. I hadn't realized you could actually see the grain until I saw your photo. Thanks for sharing. Wow... that's beautiful.


@Zagryan Thanks! It looks really dark when the stained pieces are on my board, but the grain is visible when I pick up the pieces. It is really really visible under direct light such as in the photo.  I have seen others who posted photos of their Noj sets in daylight and the grain is gorgeous.


After much reading through threads on here, I went for the Minceta set myself. I prefer the look of the knight and rook compared to the 1950 and II, plus it looks sturdier for play. Although, honestly, I would be happy with any of their sets, I just prefer the Minceta by a very small margin.

Not to derail the thread, but does anyone know how the order process usually works? I sent my cart this morning, but then what will happen?


The set must be made first.  They usually do not inventory sets.  I would expect an email from Gregor telling you when they are making that design set.

Once the set is made an email from Gregor will go to you with the exact invoice to pay.  Once that is paid, the set is shipped.

Good luck.