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From a purely visual perspective, there is noting more beautiful than a classic Staunton Chess Set paired with one of the analog clocks displayed on this stream.


Hi again guys, I just have an interesting bit of trivia here. I was looking at the HAC clocks on Igor's clock site, and it seems they were the manufacturers of the clocks sold at Jaques, among other places. Then I saw the Coldfield-Sutton clocks and I do believe Ken has one of those as well. The real surprise came when I looked at the photos of the players connected to the clocks. One of them is a photo of Juan Bellon, who is Anna Cramling's father. He looked young and in his prime back in 1973, and was playing black against Panno, in Madrid, Spain. My brother was looking at it, and we decided to email a copy to Anna, as it is possible she has never seen it before. Who knows? Perhaps she will pay us a visit here in the forums. Here is the photo.

History and chess seem to go so well together.

A further bit of trivia: Panno was a strong GM from Argentina and is remembered in opening books for the Panno Variation in the King's Indian Defense. He placed highly in many tournaments.

anyone selling chess clocks?

I am pretty sure that most of the guys posting on this thread are collectors, rather than looking to sell their clocks. If you are looking to buy, it really depends on where you live. In bigger cities you might find older analog clocks at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, etc. Your chances go up if you live in Europe, as a lot of the best makers are there. Seeing that you are in Canada, I would recommend eBay, looks at the things available, then just check often to find what you want at a fair price and in the condition you want.

chesswizard1221 wrote:
anyone selling chess clocks?

PM me if you are looking for something specific.