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    Hi all,

    For thoses who may be interested;

    Link to my collection: http://zechec.wixsite.com/myset

    Here are few of the last arrivals...(pictures of the others new acquisition on the site)


    This is a travel chess set i "made" with two set


    Here is a cute English travel chess set

    Touareg leather chess set + board (table) + box (all is camel leather)


    These nice chess pieces came with the wonderful large handcarved box

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    Awesome sets! I really like the Tuareg especially

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    KholmovDM wrote:

    Awesome sets! I really like the Tuareg especially

    Thanks, i had never seen any chess set like this before, so i "fall in love" at first sight :)

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    Awesome, Herve!

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    Loving a set is quite a personal taste, I won't talk about this.
    But a set must be "playable" IMHO. This one has pieces much too big when compared to the size of the squares. With such a crowdy set it's difficult to see anything.

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    cgrau wrote:

    Awesome, Herve!

    Thank you my friend.

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    stanhope13 wrote:


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    A set I don't own but have tremendous admiration for.

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    The blue and white set in o.p.s post is stunningly cool!
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    A 1.75" king magnetic set my girlfriend bought for me in Moscow, originally crafted in Poland. The board folds up and the magnets in the pieces seem to work pretty well.  I especially like the plump queen in this one.  It's a great little set for traveling and for analysis. happy.png 



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    I recently ordered two more chess sets from Amazon, which I'll be posting in a few weeks once I get them! 

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    Check this link for the ultimate boy toy if you can afford it!


    Too early to write a note to Santa for next Christmas😀?

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    musketeer, I've gotta admit that those Leopards look pretty awesome! I wouldn't mind having a set where my knights were actually giant cats - THAT is pretty darn intimidating. happy.png 

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