Post Your Chess Sets

snyder-106 wrote:

This is a Czech set from Karel Mokry's chess shop.  The extra queens just arrived today from the Czech Republic.  The clock is a 1960's Prim Gambit.


I have a friend who has that set. I like it but the unweighted set is not really my style. Also the Knights look more like Jack Rabbits instead of Horses. Even my friend doesn't like the Knight that much in the Czech set.

RobertoLM wrote:

I love my Renegade. Did HOS stop doing it?


Yes. I have a friend who has that set and he told me that he got his on a discontinued sale.  


"Equus". México. Local woods.


nice set, nice board.


My Chinese chess set looks authentic and beautiful but isn't actually very easy to play with. It's also very small. 


Watch Dogs chess in the park.

I liked the looks of the Watch Dogs set. I went ahead and got it made. I made a few design changes but kept the design mostly similar. I have posted this set on another thread. This is a one of a kind set that I commissioned The Chess Empire in India. To make for me.


"This is a one of a kind set that I commissioned The Chess Empire in India. To make for me."


Did you not like any of the standard Zagreb sets currently available from the usual sources?  


@forked_again I already have a Zagreb set and I actually like the Knights from the Leningrad Series more than the Zagreb. That is why I chose to go with the Leningrad style Knight instead of the Zagreb. I just wanted to recreate that Watch Dogs chess set. By going the custom route. It actually saved me more money and all the pieces look like they all come from one set. I didn't want it to look like a Frankenstein set by picking bits and pieces from other sets.


That Frakenstien set might be interesting.