Bug in 4-move checkmate lesson

I think theres a bug in this lesson. Running the app on an iphone. Challenge 4 of 5 shows a completely reset chessboard with the directive “white to move”. I tried every opening move and it rejects them all. So I cant move past this challenge, and thus the lesson. Anyone know whats going on?
I have some trouble here, also in iOS.
I’m having the same problem, hope it gets fixed soon! Keen to keep moving through the lessons.
Using an iPhone as well, the first time I did that particular lesson all the challenges worked perfectly. I decided to revisit that lesson a few weeks later and ran into the same bug. I ended up logging out of the app on the phone and logging back in and it worked. Might work for you as well
Thanks for the suggestion, but no dice. I finally heard from someone at chess.com, said they will look into it. So hopefully there will be a fix soon.

I reported this a few weeks ago and still haven't seen a fix.