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As regards chess.com moderators or support staff just ignoring my posts on the "old lessons link" being taken away: there are a few other forum post threads reporting on this fact and people in those forums are also upset. I commented in those forum posts as well. I appealed to @erik the CEO as I had seen that in another forum post he himself responded that all the old lessons are in the "mastery" section, implying that we really didn't need the link to the old lessons anymore. So in my post on the subject I pointed out that even though they may have incorporated some of the old lessons into the "mastery" section they have TOTALLY forgotten about the old mentor study plan! So if one takes away the link to the old lessons I just can't get back to this study plan, which is a curriculum of lessons at various levels. I was on the last level - MASTER- having finished 100s of lessons so naturally I am rather upset that I cannot now get to the section and finish the curriculum. It sucks actually!! In my post I appealed to @erik the CEO, @dallin head of product development and @jdcannon who is in support. But nobody, not even a moderator answered me. Have they read my posts? I have no idea. I really hope they will as I do believe I am making perfect sense in them.

Here is a link to the thread where I also talked up on the subject of the removal of the old lessons link. This is the forum post thread where @erik responded. His post is #6. Read my post #10:




Thank you for bringing this topic up. I also miss the old lessons section very much sad.png! It was a very valuable source for improving my chess. Please chess.com bring it back.


The old lessons MAY have been incorporated into the Mastery section, but I will have no way of knowing that unless I purchase a diamond membership. I currently have platinum, which is about the most I can afford, and with that I was able to access ALL the old lessons. 
Now, unless I fork over another $50, I'm stuck. 
I won't say this is unfair, because the owner of the site is allowed to do whatever he wants with it. But it seems like a cheap trick. Please, restore the link to the old lessons in the format that they were in, but keep them in the Mastery section for those who have the $$ to pay for it.


@flashlight002 nice work going straight to the top, it's a shame Chess.com haven't done the right thing yet.

Hopefully they will see in time how much of an inconvenience this is for those that want to study the game of chess but can't afford the top dollar membership.


Well I guess I won't be renewing my diamond membership now that the old lessons are gone.


I am posting this as a request from me to chess.com authorities. I agree that chess.com has developed and changed a lot in recent times and has become much different from the old chess.com. However ;et me tell that I believe that the old chess.com was much better than this "New" chess.com with "New" lessons replacing the old one, "Puzzles" replacing tactics trainer and side navigation. Please revert back the site or atleast provide a gateway to the old site for the ones wanting to switch.

Old lessons were excellent and I miss them a lot. Please, bring them back!

I'm going to get hats and shirts made up, "Make Chess.com great again!"


 I whole heartedly agree about this. I was having so much fun doing them, but then I logged in today and they're gone. #bringbacktheoldlessons


oh, and @hawkwindfan88 send me one of your tshirtswink.png




That post and the subsequent one by @erik says most of the old lessons are going to be migrated. The site has also moved to a #/week access method based on membership level; I assume the apps will as well.


@TTSchultz Haha I also promise to build a wall around the Chess.com building and keep them in there  until they give us our old lessons back!


Well they definitely haven't migrated all of them. I have the all access membership and they still took away the great End Game course by Jeremy Silman which I was about 40% through!!! Now I will never know what to do if I am lucky to survive long enough to reach the end game.