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beginers to play with?

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    if you will play strong opponents you will abandon chess, for sure. so you need really beginners to understand the moves and simple mistakes.

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    I would love to play
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    gerundio7 wrote:

    Hi ! Please challenge me, I'm also a beginner who wants to practice a lot ! 
    PD Merry christmas ya'll

    gerundio7 wrote: Hi ! Please challenge me, I'm also a beginner who wants to practice a lot ! PD Merry christmas ya'll
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    I'm looking for opponents who are rated 500-1500. I've played on and off since 2001. I did two weeks of tactics training this month. The easy computer crushed me like a bug today. Very sobering. Anyways, I'm willing to play both rated and unrated games (20 minutes is probably ideal for me). Steal my queen. Help yourself to my pawns. grin.png 

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    I'm super new! Please add me for a game x
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    not play against begginers, play against someone stronger if you want to improve, play always against begginers and guess what you are going to be a begginer always, play against stronger you will lose but improve, take a look of my blog

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    @santiagomagno15: Good point. I think it's good to play against different ratings—some lower, some higher.

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    Hello,  Emmos or anyone, I am looking for a chess friend. We can solve chess tactics by Skype together.

    I can demonstrate my screen to you and analyse our games.

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    @santiagomagno15 true

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    Hey a patzer here! I think we get play unrated games and chat during the game to find the best move also trying to discover our mistakes.It would be fun! Add me friend 

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    very new to plaging,and my partner has been playing since childhood...he is patient and knows the game but it becomes difficult to play together since I know he is holding back to let me catch up...anyone that wants to p!ay 60 minutes​ or more let me know

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    lol patzer at 1470...that's a new one

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    I am a recent beginner and will play you
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    No one is a Patzer happy.png)

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    I could help?

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    I can help you. Add me, lets play and we will both analyze our game.

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    Any beginners that would like to do the same thing as the original poster, add me as a friend! I'm a beginner and learn best by asking questions too, so hopefully we can learn from each other's questions
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    MaxIDK wrote:

    Im not sure this is the right category to post in, but i am looking for either beginning players or experienced players willing to teach and help me (a beginner) develop my ability. I already have a basic understanding of the game but am looking to learn simple strategies and techniques. I have been doing the lessons on the app but i find it easier to learn when i can chat to the opponent about the moves and logic behind them.

    I hope this is the right place to post and look forward to meeting new players.



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