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Faulty Chess Mentor Lesson

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    Again in the course "essential checkmate patterns", there are two lessons with the same name: "Queen and rook vs. an exposed king (2)". They are two variations on the same main line, so that's not too bad (though confusing, and I would still recommend changing one name). However, it's clear the lessons are presented in the revererse order to what was intended. The one currently first, should be second; the one currently second, should be first.

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    whaaaat ????

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    One I'm less sure of: This lesson ignores the possibility of 1... Rf6, which as far as I can tell refutes the logic of white's main line (effectively protects against the mate, and leaves white in a tough setting). In other words: the main line only works because the computer blunders in a way that can't be anticipated.

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    While it is certainly not mate, it is still losing, but is a better try.  Kh7 is another good try but still losing.  I am not sure it ignores the possibility, it just is more concerned with the proper tactics of why it is a winning move.  You see a lot of this in Tactics Trainer.  Two identical puzzles but one displays the tactic, while the other one puts up the best fight.

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    eddysallin: The two lessons are part of one course. Each of them is fine by itself, but the point they make together would be better understood if their order would be reversed. From the text in them, it's also clear this is the way the author originally meant it to be, and the current situation is just a technical mistake.

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    Just another correction that helps retrievals:



    Correct date is 1949

    Here may be seen perfectly:


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    I know this thread is old, but I did not want to open a new one:

    In lesson PEB043 Connected Pawns (http://www.chess.com/chessmentor/view_lesson?id=365), after 1. e3 Kd6 2. Kf5 Kd5 3. d3 Kd6 4. e4 Kd7, it regards 5. e5 as a wrong move. It is clear that after 5. e5 Black can no longer keep off White king of the e6 square, and after that the e7 pawn is doomed.

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    This lesson needs work. Think more about that knight's fork on rook and king. One does not need to move the king, because the queen can easily capture the knight. Simultaneously, the queen moves out of check. I may find a different website, if no mentor likes having a queen.


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