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server disorder problem.

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    it is  a real nuisense in a training session.Innocent. Use left and right arrows to navigate. when you try a move but the relevant pcs do not move.

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    Sorry you're having problems with Chess Mentor! Are you clicking and dragging pieces or are you clicking the piece you'd like to move and then the square you'd like to move it to?

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    well,as usual i am clicking & dragging the pcs in to square i w'd  like to move. and it works good but not all times as reported!!

    Thanks for your good  care ,jac.

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    What browser and operating system are you using?

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    yahoo and Explorer10 respecively!!all manual.

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    Same issue on Mac OS X (Opera). Server becomes repeatedly unresponsive, clicking on next does nothing. You have to refresh the page continuously to proceed in the puzzles.

    Every now and then the page refuses to reload for 10-15 seconds or so. However every other website works just fine which points to a server issue

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    @knightberry- is this happening on every lesson, or is it only happening on certain ones?

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    At random, not on every lesson. It could happen two times in the same lesson, then you could play 5 lessons without a hitch.


    It also manifests sometime in the way OP mentioned, i.e. the pieces will not move unless you refresh the page. 

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    Does this only happen on the first move, or does this only happen after you've already made a move?

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    many of us facing with the same kind of trouble ! but where lies the solution. Please Jac1yn....


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