Silman's ROE course


In Silman's ROE001, 4.Rh3, though it's not the fastest win, should still be considered an alternate rather than an incorrect move I think Cool


In Silman's ROE003, assessing 5.Kc3 as a mistake seems a bit harsh too (especially considering this is a 1300 level course) Tongue out


ROE004 is basically the same than ROE002 : I think this course needs some editing Frown


There are several repeat lessons in here.  ROE004-008 are repeats of previous lessons (though strangely with different ratings).


Yes, I have noticed that several lessons are repeated over and over through out the course. There are 10 "Lucena Position" lessons presented in this course. It appears to me that each different lesson should have presented a different variation on the Lucena position (black making different moves) but the same moves and solution are given for all 10 lessons.