GM Hikaru Nakamura is number 18 in the world.


After being in the top 10 for what seemed like 10 years straight, yeah, it's a bit surprising but he's been out of the top 10 for a year and a half now. He's only in his early 30s, so he's probably focusing on other stuff.


He still seems content with his playing and his humor hasn't gone anywhere.

Yeah, but I guess he mostly puts his work to his streams and his speediness at everything

bro he will never get better if he just keeps blitzing

Maxtrushkov wrote:

bro he will never get better if he just keeps blitzing

He's been blitzing his entire life. He was perennially rated in the top 10.


I am amazed at how he is able to respond to comments while playing a 3 minute chess game, and with an interesting music in the background. How is he able to concentrate, and explain all the potential moves, and to top that, make a sound analysis is impressive.😊


I made a meme from his touch move incident with Aronian.


Hikaru is playing Magnus tomorrow in the third event of the Magnus series, which starts tomorrow.  12 of the top players in the world competing.   

I think that after chasing the world championship, which is of course what you want as a chess player, and not quite getting there he sort of needed to focus on how he was going to make a living playing chess for the rest of his life. I actually heard him say I think it might’ve been last year or the year before that if he didn’t make it to the challenging spot for the world match but he didn’t think he was going to get there. I think he’s doing great. He is in a good place.

what humor? i guess a good place means making gobs from goofing around. i see little value in what he does. not saying no value, just little value. why do people feed into the wealth divide so much?


Still, noone can take away the previous achievement. 


If I could make more money making YouTube videos doing what I do than I can actually doing what I do I'd be on YouTube all day long. I think it's awesome getting to watch some top level chess while listening to someone that doesn't bore me to death while doing it. I don't think his falling out of the top ten says anything about him "slipping" as I think it speaks more to the level of others coming up. Hikaru's a great guy, he's easy to root for and with him explaining things as he goes along, I learn a lot from him. GM's don't get paid that much for being as good as they are at what they do so if he can make a buck doing something else with it then so be it. He's also doing a lot to help popularize chess.