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1. d4 Nc6

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    Is 1. d4 Nf3 a good idea for black?  It looks like it takes special care since this is a possible danger:

    An example of terrible play, yes, but possible for a lower rated player.  Perhaps 2... d5 was in order, leading into some sort of Scandinavian.  3... Nb4 or Ne7 still save the knight. After 3... Nb4 white can play a3 to chase the knight to inactivity on a6.  3... Ne7 seems better.  It looks like it blocks the king side, but a fianchetto and Nf6 are an idea.  I'm not sure that there is a way for white to smack black around then.  It seems like a mirrored alkehine.

    There are so many options open, but how does this look:

    Actually, isn't this just the KID?  So maybe Be2 instead so the knight can make it to d3?

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    Why is your thread titled 1. d4 Nf3 ?  That makes no sense first of all.  Second of all, your examples show 1. d4 Nc6.



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    I think that most people instead of e4 would play c4, where your best hope is transpose into the Tchigorin

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    ClavierCavalier,you can easily fix this by going to the bottom of your homepage and click on "Manage All Contents" - "Edit" 


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