1. e4 vs 1. d4

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    If d4 is a better move than e4, then why are beginners recommended to use e4? Are they equally good? Is the difference neglegible?

    Beginners must learn tactics first, then strategy. After 1.e4 we see more tactical positions appearing. And after 1.d4 we see more positional positions appearing.

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    Totally depends on your level and the way in which you play in the opening. There is a theory that because playing 1.e4 tends to lead to open games more than 1.d4 which therefore leads to more tactical positions it's better to play 1.e4 but I think it's quite a vague and biased outlook, imo. Firstly, 1.d4 can lead into at least the majority of the main 1.e4 openings and secondly even if you do play a queens pawn game it depends on which variation you choose as to it being tactical or not as some are more tactical than others (take the Trompowsky for instance). I would say sub 1600 stick with 1.e4 to esnure an open game (for practice purposes) but over 1600 it's totally dependent on your style and which variations you choose as to how tactical 1.d4 can be compared with 1.e4 and should make no difference to your progress. 

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