1. e4 vs 1. d4

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    cameroncam67 wrote:

    For Grandmasters, e4 is more popular.

    That's because e4 games lead to more exciting games from which one side will emerge with a clear advantage, rather than a long and boring game of positioning.

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    Anyone who says that e4 is sharper then d4 should see some KID games (Excluding the fianchetto variation 

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    Can we conclude that 1.e4 and 1.d4 are absolutely equivalent by measure of objective end result (win, loss, draw)? Unless we are prepared to argue that White wins by force after 1.d4 but not after 1.e4, or vice versa, then we admit that both moves lead to the same end result, assuming best play. Hans Berliner created an opening system using 1.d4 whereas Weaver Adams explored the Bishop’s Opening & Vienna Game. You can find a variation tree of Berliner’s system, some of which has accompanying Stockfish Analysis, at the link below.


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    e4 for life

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    This question is only real question for me. As black I feel comfortable when I face to either e4 or d4. However when I play white I don't know what should I play. I used to play e4, but I hate e5, which is possibly leading to Ruy Lopez. I tried to play Vienna or Bc4 to avoid Ruy Lopez but not quite well. So I begin to play d4. So far so good.
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    e4 vs d4


    i feel d4 is better 


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    e4 aims for next move d4 and controlling center


    but d4 aims for c4 and attacking on queenside

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