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Accelerated Snake Benoni - 5. e4

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    Recently, my new move order of the Accelerated Snake Benoni has undergone a load of criticism, and I have been forced to reinvent some of the lines beginning with 5. e4. I would like to hear your opinion of these lines in addition to where you see improvements for either side.

    The less spectacular of the two lines begins with 6. Nge2:

    Now, that was the simple line. In addition to the game I lost there, I also failed miserably in a quick match against FM Todd Andrews. The improvement, however, is beautiful.

    Well, there it is. I am really excited about that second line, and can't wait to use it in a tournament.

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    in the second line is black playing for several pawns for his piece? 

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    Funny game I played in the second line.  White made a few errors and that was all it took.

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    I wonder what 18...Qxa8 was for??

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    me too...  I'm not really sure what he should have played at that point.  I think it was hopeless but I am probably wrong.

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    The analysis of the ASB is holding out. Keep up the good work!

           P.S. I thought this opening was mostly positional, but I guess I was wrong!

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    There is just one thing I do not understand.
    Why do you want not to financhetto your bishop?
    It is basically the strong point of the benoni, the strong bishop with the queen side expansion.
    What is exactly better about this?
    In the second line you gave up your good bishop and you still have your bad bishop. And then you assume white will play an aggresive line that will open up your lines and give you a way to counter. What if he doesn't like that and plays a lot quieter. Then you lost everything that makes the benoni the benoni.  Does your computers replies with f4?

    I don't say it is bad or anything. I am just really wondering what exactly do you like more about the position then about the modern benoni?

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    You will probably have to invent something after the most natural 5.Nf3, as going to the regular line by 5...ed5 6.cd5 Bc7 does not prevent 6.g4! after which Black is in trouble.

    You have probably read that stupid online article which says that the Snake Benoni is good only if white has already played Nf3. Well, the truth is that the most problematic continuation for Black is precisely 5.Nf3... Tongue Out

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    Well, Pfren, I think that though the lines with 5. Nf3 are the most "challenging," there is enough theory to show that Black should be able to get a fair game.

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    Both of the games in the "piece sac" line give 11 Be2, which makes no sense at all.  The Bd3 is already developed, White plays 11 Ne2 and is ready to castle and keep the piece for very little.

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    Sorry guys, looks like I posted the wrong line:


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