Alekhine Defense, Voronezh Variation



Any ideas on how to fight this as Black?

Ideas can start as early as from move 6....


Any comments are welcome. Any opinions are, too. I look forward to your ideas.


Lots of stuff here:


Thanks for the link!


I have analyzed Nc6, it is not that bad, but still....same goes for e5.


f5 seems to be promising.


What about a5? Then attack the Queenside pawns....also handy is moving the Knight back to f3....


I recently played this opening as Black and won in the endgame.


And you're saying that Black fares better in the endgame?


I love the Voronezh! It is so easy to play that I rub my hands together everytime I play 1.e4 and my opponent replies 1...Nf6. I wish all of my opponents played the Alekhine!

Sure, theoretically Black may be okay, but things look so unpleasant for the second player...very often I am just completely winning by move 20.


I came across an idea from IM Andrew Martin on how Black should handle this variation.