Alekine vs Nimzowitsch


Hey guys, which opening do you think is better Alekine or Nimzowitsch

The alekine



The nimzowitsch


one more line in the nimzowitsch


The Alekhine, although I use to play the Nimzovich.


I love the alekhine, but remember: playing it unprepared means praying for a disaster. I do not recomment it at your level. Obiectively speaking the defense is better than generally tought, possibly roughly as good as the scandinavian, but since W is the one deciding the type of game it's not very popular. You never know what will appear on the board, and this can be annoying.

EDIT: that is the fourpawns attack, not the chase variation. The chase is 3.c4 4.c5 (and quite sucks for W :))


"better" is relative.  if the opening fits your style better, either one could work "better" for you.  objectively, who knows?  mostly depends on how well you understand the plans.  :)


i am not doing this for which one i should play i already prefer the nimzowitsch 

though i have played both in tournaments. i am just wondering what others think, 

and i would like somebody to tell me whats wrong with the nimzowitsch.


The main problem with the nimzo is a practical one: 2.Nf3 almost forces you to play 2...e5 with a trasposition to standard e4e5 openings. B can play other moves without much problems at our level but theoretically the only good answer is 2...e5. So one might ask himself "why i am playing 1...Nc6 if W can just traspose to 1...e5 and also has the extra option of d4? better to just play 1...e5". That said if you particularly like for B the positions after 2.d4 playing the nimzo might be a nice idea.


yea when i play the nimzowitsch i just transpose to king pawn games. if not i usually equalize