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Are there any gambits where you sack a piece?

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    The one I played.

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    well, I think i don't need to help you...you get the help you need :)

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    I'm out..good luck

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    Yes. It is not common, but if someone plays the Damiano Defense you can play the Damiano Gambit. It almost never fails. Even the great Bobby Fischer approved of it.

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    There is also this one for Black against the Glek 4 Knights:



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    I analyzed Traxler into about move 40 ( 80 ply ) and white can win after 5.Nxf7.

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    *CAN'T WIN

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    *CAN'T WIN

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    because this i ask,is for play in blitz or online chess? i have no answer

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    but this strong brazilian player i know,play in online games...i can put she in touch whith him....if she wants,of course...but here there a lot of experts os i will be quiet


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